Late Night Reflections


Out late with (top left) Josephine, (top right) Joseph, and (bottom) Tiffany at Tra Teahouse

I’m getting too old for this, but every once in awhile, I revert to my night owl ways and like to go out late for old times’ sake. Like back when I was a college student with no semblance of a circadian rhythm.

Tonight after ROCK we relocated from the church parking lot to Tra Teahouse, which — to my surprise — was as Dad would say, “hoppin’.” A little too noisy and crowded for my taste, but it was good fun catching up over aloe rose tea and garlic fries.

Our lives change so quickly, people move on and grow up. It’s hard to hang on to these fleeting moments when we get to enjoy just being together. Makes me feel content and sad at the same time, thinking about all our good memories and all the transition ahead. But perhaps right now is a time for just that.

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