Visiting Marie


Sabrina, Kristie, and I took advantage of our free Monday afternoon to visit Marie at Chapman.

Sab and I split a savory sandwich and an Ogura Bruxie with sweet cream and red bean. Marie and Kristie shared an order of Irish Nachos and Kristie had a salmon and dill sandwich.


Irish nachos (waffle fries with cheese sauce, sour cream, and bacon)

We spent a nice leisurely afternoon traipsing around Old Town Orange, though it was way too warm to be in the sun for too long. Did you know there’s a little park and fountain with benches you can enjoy in the Orange Circle?

In the evening, Elizabeth and I went for a short run and then joined my parents for hot pot round two (we had about 20 women from church over for hot pot this weekend). It was so delicious, even the second time around, and very relaxing.

It feels like 2012 is already slipping away so quickly. I’ve had so many fun things to do lately, but I think I really need to buckle down soon. It feels like the calm before the storm.

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One thought on “Visiting Marie

  1. tiff says:

    OMG why have i not heard about irish nachos before….

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