Stumbled across this in my reading today, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner:

When Ambition is your God, the office is your temple, the employee handbook your holy book. The sacred drink, coffee, is imbibed five times a day. When you worship Ambition, there is no Sabbath, no day of rest. Every day, you rise early and kneel before the God Ambition, facing in the direction of your PC. You pray alone, always alone, even though others may be present. Ambition is a vengeful God. He will smite those who fail to worship faithfully, but that is nothing compared to what He has in store for the faithful. They suffer the worst fate of all. For it is only when they are old and tired, entombed in the corner office, that the realization hits like a Biblical thunderclap. The God Ambition is a false God and always has been.

Good stuff to chew on as I contemplate my plans for the future.

Clearly, happiness is not a function of cold, hard logic–or all accountants would be ecstatic. The great thinkers have long pointed to a connection between creativity and happiness. “Happiness,” Kant once said, “is an ideal not of reason but of imagination.” In other words, we create our happiness, and the first step in creating anything is to imagine it. The British academic Richard Schoch, in his book The Secrets of Happiness, put it this way: “Your imagination must, to some extent, be found in a realm beyond reason because it begins with imagining a future reality: the self that you might become.”


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2 thoughts on “Ambition

  1. Dolly says:

    just tweeted your post…Keep seeking the one true God, Lynnette 🙂

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