I am NOT a morning person. By any stretch of the imagination. Grumpy, drowsy, unresponsive — that’s me pretty much until lunch time. And then I don’t really start perking up until 7 or 8 in the evening.

So you can probably guess that I’m terrible at waking up. Or just very talented when it comes to sleeping. I prefer the latter explanation. No number of alarm clocks, no snazzy smart phone apps or volunteering family member is enough to get me up on time — consistently — each morning. Like I said, I’m a very gifted sleeper. And for some reason, Sunday mornings are especially tough.

So far, I’ve discovered, the only thing that gets me up in the morning is…bribery. Self-bribery, to be exact. As in, I make a deal with myself that if I get up at such and such time, then I’m allowed to get a crispy curry bun at Cream Pan, an almond latte at Kean, or a hyper-caffeinated Vietnamese iced coffee from Cali. The way to my heart, and apparently my REM cycle, is through my stomach. Turns out I’m not as sophisticated as I’d like people to think.

Case in point: Kristina (my accomplice in self-bribery) said she wanted to try EuroCaffe, right down Bristol from South Coast Plaza. Of course, I can never resist an uncharted cafe. And so we agreed to meet at 8 when they opened, before Sunday School. I couldn’t believe it myself, but I was up and at ’em by 7, out the door by 7:30, and guiltlessly sipping my Sweet Spaniard latte with honey shortly after 8. Too bad I’m not a morning person.

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3 thoughts on “Bribery

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  2. Breakfast is what motivates me to wake up. The smell of coffee is much more effective than any alarm clock!

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