April in Pictures


Josh, Jonathan, Cow, and Sabrina came for a surprise visit while I was studying at Coffee Code. I rewarded them with a mochi waffle.

I haven’t had as much time to blog as I’d like, so I thought I’d do a photo recap of this past month. April was steady, and May is already set to be a little manic. I’ve become established in my routine now: my time is parceled out for working at cafes, going on daddy-daughter dates, meeting up with friends, spending time with the ROCKers, exercising and watching Asian dramas with mom, baking and working on projects with Garrett, so on and so forth. I’m thankful to have had a calm month, because as we head into graduation and wedding season, my life is becoming increasingly busy and hectic, despite the fact that I’m still looking for a job. Strange how things work out. But I’ve also come to realize that I’ll never get this time back, and I want to enjoy it — and the people in my life — to the fullest. On to the pictures!


My usual: caffe latte with simple syrup.


Blessed to witness Josh get baptized.


The Brotherhood there to celebrate with Josh.


On one of several dates with Dad: sat on the Newport Beach pier enjoying a melty ham and cheese croissant from Seaside Bakery.


Trying out a new restaurant, Gohan, in Tustin with Dad.




Grilled buta (pork) rice bowl


Gift tray of strawberry croissants from my favorite Cream Pan Bakery.

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