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First Camping Trip


I’ve never been camping. Well, before this weekend that is. When Elizabeth started talking about doing a weekend trip a few months ago, I put it down on my calendar and didn’t think too much about it. For an indoors, city person like me, there’s a certain trepidation attached to going more than one day without showering, sleeping outdoors, hiking in the desert, etc. It’s not that I’m not up for adventures, I just feel more comfortable having them in the urban jungle than in the mountains or desert.

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Weekend Fun


Apologies for not posting recently. Sometimes I get myself into a rut and it takes me a week or two to pull myself out.

A couple weekends ago, a few of the ROCK girls got together for a light hike around Newport Back Bay. Gorgeous Southern California weather and scandalously cheap banh mi make a perfect combination. When I was little, my family used to jokingly refer to the Back Bay as “swamp view,” but the estuary is actually very beautiful when the tide is right. And to top it off, a well-deserved strawberry lemonade at Kean Coffee.

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Part of the arduous climb up the cliffs of Dover.

Lately I’ve been reading Paul Theroux’s “The Tao of Travel,” a compilation of travel writings and reflections from both Theroux as well as his favorite travelers and authors. Chapter 13 talks about the art of walking and its importance for the pilgrim, the wanderer, the writer, poet and artist.

Walking, he says, “is a spiritual act; walking on one’s own induces meditation.” The walker, he says, is like the French flâneur, a “stroller, saunterer, drifter — the essence of a traveler.”  Continue reading

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