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Sacramento (Part 2)

I have a very extensive extended family. My mom is the eighth of nine children.  All but one have had their own children. Some of those children have also had children (in case you aren’t keeping up, they would be my first cousins once removed). My grandma had two sisters who each have children (my mom’s cousins) who have also had children (someone help me — are they second cousins?).

When we all get together, say for a milestone birthday or a funeral, we walk around with very little idea whether the people we’re rubbing shoulders with are or are not related to us. It probably doesn’t help that our family has a propensity for adopting non-family members as “aunties” and “uncles.”

I know a lot of Chinese families are like this, but sometimes, I think our family takes this to an extreme. Until someone marries someone else we thought was their cousin, but actually, they aren’t related by blood, so it’s still kosher. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. Continue reading

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Junior High Friends


Tiffany and Elizabeth enjoying cajun shrimp at Boiling Crab (sorry Jackie!).

I hated the junior high. More specifically, I hated the idea of junior high. As soon as I came down from the emotional high that was sixth grade — being the most privileged and pampered students of the elementary school pyramid — I immediately became terrified of going to a new school, with new classmates, new teachers, new schedule, new unknowns. I’m pretty sure what little adolescent acne I may have had (yes, I am blessed with consistently clear skin) was a direct result of the stress induced from the very thought of junior high. I already knew I was going to hate it. Continue reading

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Out in LA Part 1


My new favorite morning pick-me-up: Singaporean Pokka Milk Coffee I picked up at the Korean supermarket.

Someone told me recently, “It seems like you’ve been eating well.” Every once in awhile, I get accused of being a foodie, something I vehemently deny. I don’t know nearly enough about food or cooking to warrant such a haughty title. But I do realize that if you look at my blog, the vast majority of my posts involve food of some sort.

Everyone eats, but I guess I’m particularly enthusiastic. Once you get past the age where playing house, running around the playground or watching cartoons are no longer considered acceptable forms of entertainment, then most social activity revolves around food–eating together, cooking together, going out for drinks or dessert.

Because the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach, this doesn’t bother me all that much, though I am constantly searching for things that are more wallet and waist friendly (like rockclimbing, hiking, etc). Recently though, I seem to be eating out quite a bit. Continue reading

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Do you think he likes coffee?


I had to post this picture. I laughed so hard, because he didn’t even notice he had both cups in his hands. To be fair, we don’t get to drink Intelligentsia coffee that often. And my amaretto latte was delicious. Continue reading

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Family Appreciation


This weekend started early, with lunch plans set for Friday afternoon with my cousins Tiffanie and Justin. I have a LOT of cousins, but most of them live in northern California, so I don’t get to see them often. Every chance we get to see each other must be grabbed with both hands. So we ended up at Ramen Yamadaya, one of my favorite ramen places in Orange County (thanks Joseph!).

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Taco Truck Run


The benefit of living in SoCal: cheap and authentic Mexican food.

Sunday after-church lunches are a time for us to hang out, catch up and soak up the afternoon sun. Sometimes I prefer to eat with my family, but every once in awhile, I’ll go out with church friends.

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Because Mom had a sudden craving…


Supreme Dragon's spicy noodle soup with braised beef and fat noodles

And when Mom has a craving, you don’t ignore it.

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Lunch Date: Bruxie

imageThursdays are “catch up” days for Dad and me, since we’re not in the office. But Thursdays also double as date/adventure days for us as well (we’ve been doing this since I could walk). So today I decided to introduce Dad to Bruxie; we tried to go on Tuesday but ended up at The Filling Station instead. Continue reading

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Lunch Date with Dad

Blueberry pancakes at The Filling Station

Today’s weather was so gorgeous,  Dad and I took an early lunch at The Filling Station in Old Town Orange. I was blissfully happy soaking up the sun next to the flowers and enjoying the light breeze.

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